The River House, Belgium | Dirk Heveraet

Architect Dirk Heveraet designed a minimalist villa on the borders of river Leie in Belgium that opens to spectacular views over its unique surrounding landscape. 

All images © Courtesy of Dirk Heveraet

Situated in a small town on the border of an old meander of the river Leie (Belgium) with beautiful views to the preserved surrounding nature, it was the wish of the owner of the house to see the panorama at all time. The site is narrow on the street but opens up with fully glazed and covered outside living areas, looking out to the river. 
The minimalist character and straight white lines and volumes are giving the house its sculptural appearance, standing alone in the green lawn. 
The housing program is very standard with living areas and kitchen, children playroom, entrance and home office on the ground floor, and 3 bedrooms + bathrooms on the first floor. 
The terraces on the first floor are giving the most spectacular view on the landscape, witch has barely changed since the time of the Flemish impressionist painters of the early 1900, like Saverys, Claus, Desmet, Van De Woesteyne and many others. 
As the outside is kept totally white, the interior finishing of floors and cupboards, furniture and decoration is rather dark and matches as an art-deco interior with the modernist outside. The kitchen on the other hand is made of white laminate to brighten up the most frequently used room. 
The architecture aims to be timeless in its simplicity. The exterior walls are made of fine white grain plaster. All windows are made of dark bronzed aluminum. 
The interior floors and terraces are laid in large plates of grey basalt and the first floor of the house has wide and long plank floors of bleached French oak. 
Text by Dirk Heveraet, architect

Source: Dirk Heveraet