Apartment MR, Portugal | Phdd Arquitectos

Lisbon based phdd arquitectos designed Apartment MR in the outskirts of Oeiras, Portugal.
Based on a minimalist approach, the renovation clarified and enhanced the relation of circulation and living areas, while respecting the original structural elements and space organization. 

Photography © Francisco Nogueira

Description from Phdd Arquitectos:

In the outskirts of the architecture ensemble of Nova Oeiras, one emblematic urbanistic project of the XX century, is a set of buildings with some of the same influences. We where invited to develop the project for one of these apartments.

The strong presence of the concrete beams and columns in the apartment walls and ceiling was the guideline for the first project idea. The circulation areas where to change to a lower ceiling, that now conceals the new infrastructures, highlighting the social areas and rooms where the structure keeps visible.

The kitchen was altered to have simultaneously the condition of a passage or meeting area. It was increased and opened to the circulations fluidity but also strategically equipped with concealed panels that easily change it to a traditional use.

The house circulation is redefined with the creation of distribution points that clarifies the main areas. In the kitchen entrance converge the lobby, the living areas, the social bathroom and storage. Also by the bedrooms the circulation was adjusted to allow a better use of the sleeping areas.

The wooden floor and the subtlety of differences of walls finishing, as well as the analogy between the kitchen materials and the new space condition, were always contrasts explored to enable a good balance between this project and the antecedent.