House O3, Spain | Lucas y Hernández-Gil

Spanish architecture firm Lucas y Hernández-Gil designed House O3, a renovated family apartment in Madrid, with views over Retiro Park. 

The marble fireplace and the balconies joinery, original features of the house, were restored and combined with new, contemporary elements and a restricted materials’ palette that connects past with present.

Photography © José Hevia

Description from Lucas y Hernández-Gil:

This was a house for a married couple with four children, that asked us for a house that could take advantage of the views of Retiro Park and a kitchen being part of the social area.

This is a building of the late nineteenth century, one of the first ones of the expansion district of Madrid, really close to Retiro Park. We keep the original joinery of the balconies to Retiro Park and they were carefully restored. Also, we keep the original marble fireplace.

The arrangement that we found was fully compartmentalized and constantly changed. We modify the space for a clear and open one with light in every room. The day area, living room, dinning room and study, towards Retiro Park and the bedrooms to the courtyard. The kitchen in the heart of the house assembles both parts.

Materials, oak and marble connect with the originals joining past and present.