Casa T&L, Italy | Duearchitetti

Varese based architects Duearchitettiredesigned T&L house, an apartment from the 70s, through a minimalist approach with a particularly selective choice of materials.

Photography © Simone Bossi

Description from Duearchitetti:

The T&L house occupies the third floor of a building from the Seventies, recently completely restored. The plan of the apartment has an almost square shape. The overall surface is around 300 sqm.
The northern fa├žade with a sequence of five big openings is facing an anthropized landscape, saturated with commercial and service buildings and crossed by a major traffic artery. From the south and west openings you can instead glimpse, between the recent constructed buildings, the river Ticino and the Monte Rosa mountain chain.
Opposite sides, different atmospheres.

At our first visit to the construction site the spaces were empty cadenced with a regular sequence of reinforced concrete columns. The absence of windows was amplifying the road traffic making it extremely annoying.
Our impulse was been to create an internal sheltered space with a clear identity in contrast to the external noisy and frenetic environment. An urban shelter away from the bustle of the city.

The large surface with windows on three sides has allowed us to organize the spaces around a central core destined for services with a lowered ceiling in order to contain the distribution of all the mechanical installations.
In this way the space on the perimeter is free. Towards north you have the bedrooms while the living area is to the south.

The choice of materials has been particularly selective.
The full-height doors in satin finished glass allow the natural light to enter through the spaces.
The dark oak wooden floors absorb and soften the shadows fading out the edges. 
The cabinets in natural oak wood share the same grain as the floors. A bond of origin which enhances the quality of an antique and precious material.

Source: Duearchitetti