Loft in Amsterdam | Willem Benoit

Belgian interior architect Willem Benoit renovated an old warehouse in Amsterdam into a contemporary, minimalist loft, focusing on a limited materials and tones palette.

focuses on bright, white interiors and minimalist detailing. 

The restricted materials palette consists of all white walls, combined with white lacquered cupboard doors, dark oak panelling and wide planked timber floors.

All images © courtesy of Willem Benoit 

Description from Willem Benoit:

“In this old, small warehouse the two top levels were renovated to a minimalistic 
loft . The typical dutch windows and the old beams give an accent around the full space 
while all new materials are clean, but don't give a 'cold ' impression.'

Upstairs, the small bathroom and bedroom are surrounded by the old beam, painted
in a black accent. The parquet gives warmth, in contrast to the white floor of the lower

On both levels, the steel windows are an accent, with reference to the dutch outside windows. Though the loft is situated in a touristic region of Amsterdam, it still gives the rest and peace in the inside.”

Source: Willem Benoit