WH Residence, Ukraine | M3 architects

Located in Odessa, Ukraine, WH Residence is a minimalist residential project by M3 architects  designed as a synthesis of two identical and symmetrical white volumes and their surrounding pool area.  
Photography © Antony Gareth 

Description from M3 architects:
The residence is located in Odessa, Ukraine near the Black Sea coastal area. The neighborhoods of Arcadia is the main resort  area in Ukraine which was defined like a main clubbing center of the country. The residence is erected from structures of two houses.  Both buildings contain the same number of functions. The main facades of these two buildings are combined into a composition and oriented to a luxury apartment house. This solution of two buildings makes the facade visually reserved and provide privacy to the owners. 
All functional areas are divided into three groups- private, public and technical areas. 
The common space is located on the 1st floor.  An entrance, wardrobes, a living room and a kitchen with a dining area make the composition of a public space. The recreation area includes  a swimming pool with a terrace connected to spa zone.  The inner space of the courtyard and a ground floor visually form one composition. Performing the role of a base the ground floor can read easily through conditional boundaries with air and warm light.  The front door, the living room with a kitchen and dining area are established on the same level to achieve the most convenient and open layout for the 1st floor . 
The technical area is located on the ground floor. 
The open transparent volume of a staircase leads to the second and third floors which are performed like the private area. The bedrooms are established like separate units with bathrooms and wardrobes. Each bedroom has an exit to the terrace with a view to the courtyard. 
The key factor for architectural solutions for the residence was to create the most open, but private space of two separate symmetrical volumes in conditions of a dense urban environment.

Source: M3 architects