Apartment Natom, Brazil | GDL Arquitetura

Located in São Paulo - Brazil, this apartment designed by Gabriel de Lucca of GDL Arquitetura introduces a neutral, minimalist pallet into its new continuous living spaces. 

Photography © Fran Parente

Description from GDL Arquitetura:

This project where our intervention took place consists of in residential apartment located at São Paulo. The main idea was to bring together living-room, entrance hall and kitchen in an uninterrupted space, allowing the entrance of natural light through the environments. Also, one of the bathroom were redesigned in order to break the claustrophobic feeling, giving room for a toilet and a home bar.
The whole interior flooring was replaced by a plank floor excepted in the kitchen, wich was a pre-molded cement hexagonal tile in transition with the wood floor.
A neutral pallet contribute to giving a warm and cozy atmosphere and highlight the Brazilian tile designed by “Lurca ”. 

Source: GDL Arquitetura