Recinto do Bosque, Brazil | GDL Arquitetura

São Paulo based architect Gabriel de Lucca of GDL Arquitetura designed a minimalist modular building, serving as a public sanitary space connected to nature and daylight.

Photography © Felipe Araújo

Description from the architect:

Typically, public toilets are simple and rather boring without any entrance of natural lighting and vegetation. We chose to avoid this and take advantage of this bad scenario.
The project starts from a 6 x 4.20 m modular rectangle defined by three 3 m high walls. Perfectly straight and perfectly horizontal, it is on the edge of this platform that the scene unfolds.

The space was constructed in 25 days for the one of the most important collective of interior design, architecture and landscape in America’s, named CASACOR.
Minimal palette and inspired by Scandinavian design, this construction has the objective of optimizing the connection between architecture and nature, privileging the view looking out to the forest and the incidence of sunlight in the internal space

Source: GDL Arquitetura