House L&H, Germany | Benjamin von Pidoll

Haus L&H, originally built in the 1930s, was renovated by Köln based architect Benjamin von Pidoll through a contemporary, minimalist approach.

Photography © Philip Kistner


When houses lose their former charm, they can easily be forgotten in an urban surrounding.
Benjamin von Pidoll architects refurbished one of those houses from the 1930s.
The townhouse, based near the botanical garden in cologne, Germany, lost its charm and needed to be refurbished. Aim was to create something new out of an old structure.
The classical architectural style should harmonize with simple elements and a reduced living style.
As a central element the staircase was refurbished cautious and with sense for details that demanded perfect craftsmanship.
It´s elliptic stair eye connects the floors on a visual and creatively level.
The representative rooms like the living space with a room long fireplace bench made out of a sandstone, the dining room and the kitchen nestle around the staircase.

The minimal lighting concept steps in the background while providing different options of atmospheres with direct and indirect light.
The direct light is built with deep holes in the ceiling. From there the flush with ceiling mounted spots light up different art works from all over the world.
In the dining and living area is a circulating indirect light gap that shines from the ceiling.

In the ground floor the old floorings could be conservated. A beautiful oak parquet pattern was refurbished and partially added. It is emphasized by the sharp white walls that were lacquered all in white.
The floorings in the upper floors couldn’t be renovated. Benjamin von Pidoll used long oak floorboards to show that there is a new style, but the same material.

Most of the interior, like furniture and the doors are custom made designs from the architects and fit perfectly in the old existing structure. They are in love with all the small details.

Source: Benjamin von Pidoll