Apartment Linz, Austria | Fischill Architekt

Linz based architect Gerhard Fischill converted an apartment in Linz, Austria into a generous minimalist space despite of its small size in plan.

All images © Courtesy of Fischill Architekt


"What is there more mysterious than clarity?” (Paul Valery)

A wonderful thought that I want to prefix the lines about the conversion of an apartment in Linz, Austria.
The usable space solely comprises 50m2. The layout is pleasantly unpretentious and straightforward, which makes it very suitable for creating generous and open space despite the small size. To this end, it appeared necessary to me to let the rooms flowingly merge into each other. There are, with the exception of the bathroom, no doors either.

Space, light and material were the elementary categories that motivated and stood above all search, finding and decision-making processes.
Making the above-mentioned categories perceptible - in the most convincing and precise way – was the premise of my concept.