Gennadi Grand Resort, Rhodes, Greece | Melenos Dimitrios & Partners, Katogas Klimis, Maroullakis Yiannis

Gennadi Grand Resort is a modern, minimalist and eco-friendly summer retreat designed by Melenos Dimitrios & Partners, Katogas Klimis, Maroullakis Yiannis, Katogas Klimis, Maroullakis Yiannis.
Located by the sea, in Rhodes, Greece, it is surrounded by beautiful gardens with palm trees.

Photography © Charis Zampetoulas


White floating volumes get grounded with the use of local stone, while alongside, a strip of land rises and interacts with the environment, in a reverse inclination to the focal point:  the blue horizon of Gennadi.
The purpose of the installation is to serve the mood of the attractive local conditions and to frame them, offering a particular micro-climate, with the use of continuous planting, as well as the intense presence of the water element.

A network of main and secondary private pools, twists around the two-storey accommodation units, which are set as neighbourhoods, redefining the scale of contemporary hotel settlements in relation to the environment and the guest/visitor.
Meanwhile, an  indigenous network of plantings upgrades the quality of the communal spaces, extends to the roof of the main building, climbing on to room pergolas, while ensuring the passages’ privacy.

The services support becomes complete with a main building, housing-in several levels, food sections/departments and recreation/relaxation areas, as well as the transversal tilted roof - 130 meters total length, which while equalizing the altitude differenc╬Á to the road axes, creates a transparent  pavilion-like shed, filtering the visitor’s transition from Gennadi’s dry environment to the provided leisure facilities of the hotel.

The residential unit is characterised by a dynamic movement flow, from communal/public to private. From a planted yard and a semi-open space,  to the bedroom area and finally reaching a private swimming-pool.

The interior of the room is organised as an open plan area, with extrovert attitude, diffused into the environment of Gennadi, through an opening, which covers the entire back facade and leads to the private yard, which includes swimming-pool, seating, relaxation and sunbathing area.

On the vertical axis, the premise is set with a level of mechanical support on the second basement (-2), a maintenance network for the food and accommodation services on the first basement (-1) – connecting all the volumes of the unit, and finally, the accommodation and entertainment services on the ground floor level (0) and above.

The construction/building consists of a steel structure, filling of dry construction with exterior thermo-shell, plated roofs and is ranked/classified as A+ energy class.

The entire facility is characterised by innovation and modernisation on the level of choice and use of materials , volume management, services’ settlement and finally the superposition of sustainable mechanical systems, being respectful to the surrounding area, as well as the local tradition in technology. 
It has a particular autonomy in water consumption, applying a reverse osmosis system and gray water management.