PA House, Valencia, Spain | Olmos Estudio

Valencia based Olmos Estudio designed minimalist PA House on a tight budget, with a special care for details and the use of pure materials.

Photography © Diego Opazo


This Project was a big challenge for the Studio as we had to design a 125 m2 house for 80.000 €. In order to keep the budget, we tried to identify the most expensive elements. Then, we decided to rationalize the space with the minimum possible partitions and to reduce the number of bathrooms.

The house is composed of a ground floor with patio, a first floor and attic room.

On the ground floor, due to the small size of the house, service elements as kitchen, 
bathroom and stairs are placed together in a wooden volume of 450x180 cm. On the other side, a single element coated with the same material define different spaces, integrating the TV and the storage area.

The whole floor opens onto an interior patio through a large window, which at the same time provides light to the entire space and serves as a backdrop to the house.

Night area is entirely located on the first floor along with a small hallway that organizes the different rooms. Master bedroom, with views over the main street, integrates a separate dressing area. The second bedroom and the main bathroom open through the private patio.

The attic, a requested area by the client, allows him to have an intimate space for disconnection. The access is through a staircase made with  lacquered steel plates integrated into the wall. This solution helps to have a free space, otherwise it couldn’t be possible to connect both floors.

The Project keeps a neutral and timeless appearance. Continuous concrete pavement, together with the warmth of the wood, are the main line of the project, providing serenity and sobriety to the space.

Source: Olmos Estudio