The Mermaid’s, Taiwan | Marty Chou Architecture

Marty Chou Architecture designed a minimalist apartment in Taiwan with an ambiguous ambience, a place, ‘less like a home, more like a sanctuary’. 

All images © Courtesy of Marty Chou Architecture


In the beginning, the owner of this apartment, an elegant and beautiful lady, told me:

“I’d like to live in a place, where its ambiance is ambiguous, less like a home, more like a sanctuary in dream, where I could feel isolated and indulged with my on-going collections in this timeless, sacred space.”

During the design, when I was not sure of what to do, a new collection, a little mermaids, came along.  Her serene quality caught me and my mind started to evolve around her.  She became the focal point and anchor of the space, the tone of the ambiance, and the source of the semi-monochrome palette.

In the end, the entire space is the extend-dimension of this fantastical creature.  She is the soul of this space; the soul that reflect the essence of the elegant lady.