Numero Trenta, Italy | OPPS architettura

Tuscan architects OPPS architettura renovated a tuscan style house in Subbiano, Italy, into a contemporary minimalist home. 

Photography © Giorgio Bagnarelli

Description by OPPS architettura:

The “villetta” represents the archetype of postmodern living in Italy. Located within the Tuscan countryside, the context is that of a suburban sprawl diluted in the landscape. The architectural features of the building support all the stereotypes of the Tuscan style, updated with the technologies and needs of this century.

The architecture pursues the intention of living the house as a fluid narrative, distinguishes the atmosphere of the various spaces and at the same time maintains some solutions of continuity between them. The project focuses on an important revision of the interiors with the aim of qualifying and returning to the home open spaces for convivial use and private places for family needs. Where necessary, incongruous masonry elements are removed, emphasizing unique environments distinguished by a portion of service rooms integrated into the design with custom-made cladding and details.

Preference is given to atmospheres that are different in brightness and colors but linked by memories of finishes and design.

Source: OPPS architettura