Bow Window House, Rome | LAD - laboratorio di architettura e Design

LAD - laboratorio di architettura e Design designed Bow Window House, a renovated flat in the center of Rome with nice city views and natural light that fills its minimalist interior.


The “Bow Window House” is flat, located on the fifth floor of a residential block built in reinforced concrete, in the seventies, in the center of Rome.The level’s height and the large bow window provide a nice view and let much natural light get in. 

The flat’s layout has been completely changed: the main concept was to join, as much as possible, the living spaces in a single large area, separated from the sleeping zone by the entrance; all bathrooms are in the central area.The client wished to be able to cook while watching and talking to his guests. For this reason, the kitchen is separated from the living room by a monolithic wooden element that hides the gas stove and can be opened, allowing communication between spaces. With same concept and same proportions, the library can be opened, revealing the TV system inside.

Great classics of international design are mixed with contemporary pieces, designed by young European designers. The table is “Stand Steel”, by Sebastian Sherer, produced by Neo / Craft; the chairs are Capita 510t, by Fiorenzo Dorigo produced by Capdell; the floor lamp is “Faro” designed and produced by Kngb; armchairs are “Paulistano”, by Paulo Mendes da Rocha, produced by Objekto; suspension lamps are “Cyrcus Cemento”, by In-es.Art Design; All the joineries have been custom made. Floors and bathrooms walls are made in “Cementoresina”, by Kerakoll.