Telheiras Apartment, Lisbon | Lola Cwikowski Studio

Lisbon based Lola Cwikowski Studio renovated a small apartment with scandinavian aesthetics and a minimal palette of tones and furnishings.

Photography © Lola Cwikowski Studio


A resident with Scandinavian roots sought to brighten his ground-floor flat, realized with aesthetic homage to his homeland. Aeriform walls and desaturated flooring draw tree-filtered sunlight deeper into the home, anchored by anthracite doors and off-black flecked stone. Full-height translucent curtains amplify the living spaces while obscuring them from the street. Each one features custom furniture developed with artisans: a bed and nightstands, a dining table of perpendicular planes, a breakfast counter — all finished in a muted earth wash in equipoise to the flooring. The sleeping amenities are symmetrical in detail down to double individual duvets; bed linens and drapes blend in brumal indulgence. The dining area is completed by a Portuguese pendant lamp, efficient seating on an upholstered storage bench, and recycled-composite chairs in ovate forms to counter the rectilinearity. Their profiles evoke the bulbous breakfast barstools, set among the contrast of stone countertop and satin stainless steel suspended in subtle kitchen cabinetry. An opposing volume, intersecting the interior wall, invites one to come in and cook; half is the entryway closet, half holds food storage.


Lola Cwikowski Studio