Garage studio, Switzerland | Peter Kunz Architektur

Garage studio in Herder, a small town in northern Switzerland, is a unique a parking structure that consists of five minimalist cubic volumes, embedded into the hillside landscape.

Designed by Swiss practice Peter Kunz Architektur back in 1998, the concrete cubes are only partially being revealed, with their front elevation fully glazed offering distant views from the parked cars inside.

These individual pods provide a perfect resting place from the parked cars, with outward views through their large glass panels. A sliding glazed door panel allows entry into the facility and then a driveway leads down the hillside to enter through one of the end units.

Within the surface of the glass, inscriptions by artist Oliver Kühn depict the relationship between automobile and man.

All Photos © Courtesy of Peter Kunz Architektur

Plan © Courtesy of Peter Kunz Architektur

Section © Courtesy of Peter Kunz Architektur

Source: Peter Kunz Architektur | Designboom